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Our Service

BDLab Ltd offer Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessment and Energy Audit services. Our many years of technical and architectural experience in the residential and commercial sectors enables us to provide efficient service, accurate ratings and energy savings to our clients. We provide BER Certification, Advisory Reports, Energy Audits and on any building type.


  • Does Certification differ for Domestic and Non Domestic Buildings?

    Building Energy Rating (BER)Certification applies to both Domestic and Non Domestic Buildings, eg: Retail, Commercial and Industrial units. BER Certification for Non Domestic Buildings differs from Domestic Buildings, in that the level of qualification required to complete the assessment for Non Domestic Buildings, is of a Professional Industry standard.

  • What will happen if I don't get a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate?

    Failure to obtain a BER Certificate as required may result in conviction in a district court and a subsequent fine of up to €5,000. Failure to secure a Certificate in time may also delay the sale of the property.

  • Are there grants available for carrying out a BER?

    Yes, the Home Energy Saving Scheme offers grants for energy saving home improvements, which includes a Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessment. See http://www.sei.ie grants section for further details.

What happens if a building has a poor energy rating?
While there are no legal penalties for receiving a poor rating, a building with a good energy rating will be more valuable and easier to sell on the property market. It will also have lower running costs and be more attractive to property investors.

Will a BER Certificate need to be renewed?
A BER Certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. If substantial changes are carried out to the property within this time frame then a new Certificate may be required.

Is there an advantage to getting a BER Certificate?
Yes - Especially if you'd like to reduce the cost of running your property. Since 2000 the price of oil has increased by 60%, gas 54% and electricity 45%. By contacting BDLab we will assess the efficiency of your property and advise you on how to reduce your bills.
For further information please visit http://www.sei.ie.
Will renewable energies have an effect on a BER Certificate?
Renewable technologies are taken into account when calculating the buildings current data. We will then inform and advise you as to which renewable technologies will improve the current rating by the greatest degree. The more eco-friendly systems installed in the building the greater the likelihood of it achieving a good rating.

What is the advantage of achieving an A-rated building?
The cost of space heating, water heating and electricity would be greatly reduced in an A1 rated building. The building's emissions would be almost zero. The value of the building to prospective buyers would be considerably more, considering the fact that they would have a building which would have virtually no running costs.