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Air Pressure Testing

The need for Air Pressure Testing in our buildings

Research shows that up to half of all heat loss in buildings can be due to air leakage and uncontrolled ventilation. Insulation levels have increased substantially over the last few decades, but heated air is still escaping and can be pinpointed as a major source of energy loss. The climates of Ireland does not suffer from extremes in low temperatures, but are exposed to extremes in wind pressure. While insulation is central to low energy construction, air tightness must also be central to an energy efficient strategy to reduce unnecessary heat loss. A few hours of air sealing with inexpensive sealants can often reduce the air leakage by 50% or more, resulting in a saving of 20% of the total house heating bill.

Air Pressure Testing provides a blower door air tightness testing service to complement our Air Tightness installation services.


  • What is air Pressure testing?

    An air pressure test (also commonly referred to as an air leakage test or air permeability test) is a test to determine the level of uncontrolled air flow through gaps or cracks in the fabric of a building. Too much air leakage leads to unnecessary heat loss and can lead to discomfort to the occupants through cold draughts.

  • Do I need an air pressure test?

    If you have constructed a new dwelling, then Part L of the Regulations states that you must now have an air pressure test performed on that building. An air pressure test is used to calculate an air permeability rating for the dwelling. It is this rating that must meet the latest Building Regulation standards for conservation of fuel and power.

  • How long does an air pressure test take?

    We aim to complete each air pressure test within four working days from the point of engagement. It will be necessary for one of our experienced energy assessors to visit the site in order to conduct the test. The time at which we visit the site will be at your convenience and the length of each site visit should not last longer than four hours, depending on the size and complexity of the assessment.

How much does an air pressure test cost?
We strive to ensure each quote is the most competitive in the market, offering you real value for a quality service. Factors that will affect the cost of an air leakage test include the size and complexity of the building.

What happens if my building fails the air tightness test?
Our qualified assessors will be happy to provide you with a free consultancy service, advising you on all necessary remedial works.
How can I improve the air tightness of my building?
Ways to improve the air tightness of a building include; sealing any gaps around windows and doors; filling any holes in the external walls; applying draught stripping between the loft hatch and the frame; sealing any gaps where service pipes and cables pass through the buildings fabric; ensuring there is a good seal around boiler flue pipes where they pass through the external wall/ceiling; and sealing around the edges of rooms and making good any gaps in the floor around service pipes.

How can Air Pressure Testing help me?
As well as providing a fast and accurate air tightness test our experienced air tightness assessors will be happy to assist you with free advice regarding air tight construction details. We can also offer you a single point of contact to serve all your Part L requirements, including conducting a BER assessment.